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Cambrai Cover Prices - Thruster Microlight

Open Air
Lightweight Covers
1. Cockpit Pod complete to underside of Wing
2. Engine
3. Wings per pair
4. Horizontal Stabilizer (Tail Planes) per pair
5. Fin
6. Propeller Full Cover (2-Blade / 3-blade)
£245.00 / £345.00
£195.00 / £265.00
7. Propeller Socks (Each)
8. Pitot Cover (Red Only)
9. Complete Set of Covers (See Below)
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1. Cover encloses the complete cockpit 'Pod' and tail boom to the base of the fin, closing under the angled rear fuselage.

2. Encloses the complete engine - top, sides and underneath - to provide complete protection.

3. Covers complete wing upper surface and under tips.

4. Covers complete upper surface and under tips, attaching to fin.

5. covers both sides of the fin and attaches to both the cockpit and tailplane covers.

6. Full propeller covers enclose the entire propeller including the hub or spinner as fitted.

7. Propeller Socks simply slip onto the blades and enclose to the blade root. They do not cover the spinner.

8. Pitot covers are designed for the specific aircraft and are made in safety bright red only.

9. The full set price includes items 1 to 5 inclusive, 3 propeller socks and a pitot cover. We reduce the price by 5% as a courtesy for ordering a full set!

All prices are in UK£ Sterling excluding carriage and VAT where applicable

!Please Note; We May Not Have Complete Patterns For Your Aircraft. In This Case We Will Arrange a Measuring Visit To Your Home Base Or Our Local Airfield. Please Refer to Our Pattern List!

If you would like to know more about Open Air, Touring & Hangar covers please visit our Fabrics and Colour page where you will find colour samples, pictures and full descriptions.

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