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You may wonder why some of these links are here. In a nutshell they are all companies or individuals who, like us, have products, services or information to offer that are rare, refreshingly unusual and of the highest quality.

It's probably no coincidence they are also really nice people, so please have a browse around.

If you are looking for something aviation related and can't find what you need please email us - see the very last link!

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Red Box International - Aircraft Power and Moving
One of our 'Ground Support In A Box' Partners
Airsoc AOPA

Find all your aviation information and products here!

AeroSmart UK

Give your aircraft a new lease of life!

07858 431 117 / 07858 431 117

Mick Allen & Son Aircraft Resprays


One of the finest aircraft re-finishers you will find anywhere...
Turweston Aerodrome, Brackley
Northamptonshire NN13 5YD UK
01280 - 840661
EMAIL: Click the name!
arab aviation
One-Stop website aviation resource for the Middle East
Engineering on composite aircraft, Great coffee and a very warm welcome.
Foerst Aviation Refuelling
Excellent Fuel Bowsers and ground fuel installations... nothing more to add really!
Jungmeister Available for displays, air shows and corporate events in find out more, just click the Logo!
Sally B
Sally B - A permanent flying tribute to the American Forces based in the UK and a true flying legend. This aircraft receives no official funding from any source, and relies entirely on donations and memberships to raise flying and maintenance funds. For details of how you can support this aircraft and her dedicated team please click on the banner.
Weather Vane Designs
How about this for an unusual gift for the Aviator in your life? No matter if they fly a biplane, glider, balloon, fast jet, warbird or one of Mr. Boeing's designs, there is one for everyone - even fast jets and helicopters. Every weather vane is hand-cut by a craftsman in England and finished to withstand the worst IMC imaginable! I'll let the makers tell you the rest - just click the picture!
Gore Tenara Thread

W.L. Gore - the people that make 'GoreTex' - also make the most durable sewing thread imaginable - click the logo to learn more! UK Website coming soon...

To visit the cambrai Covers link on the Tenara website please click here!

We are proud sponsors of the UK's Premier formation display Team - go to their website to find where you can see them next!
Our Local Airfield in beautiful rural east Yorkshire - great burgers and bacon, fantastic views and an even better welcome...what are you waiting for? Click the name for full details!

Tim Richardson's RV7 Web Site - well worth a visit!

(Image by Tim Richardson)

The Windsock Company Limited

Suppliers of Windsocks, Flags, Bunting, Poles, Weather Stations...and much, much more...
Pooley's Flight Equipment
Pilot Suppliers and Aircraft Accessories - Online Catalogue.
Pilot Suppliers and Aircraft Accessories - Online Catalogue.
Adams Aviation Spply
Pilot Suppliers and Aircraft Accessories - Online Catalogue.
pssst! Hey, mister...wanna buy an aeroplane? Seriously, now, Derrick is the man to know if you are looking for an aircraft, be it your very first or the latest in a long the logo to go to his site...

Willi Krappinger's Flying School in Innsbruck...the first there to experience the benefits of fitting a Cambrai Cover...and now our sales contact for Austria! If you go to Austria be sure to FLY-UP!

KB Aircraft Interiors

It is with great sadness that we have learned of Ken Bones sudden and unexpected passing.

Our condolences to his family and many, many friends inside and outside Aviation.


North Weald Fire & Rescue service is manned entirely by volunteers, providing a vital service to departing and arriving aircraft at North Weald Airfield, Epping, Essex. They also provide fire cover for airshows like Aero Expo, where this year their main fire tender was restored to bright red glory courtesy of a donated bottle of our Plane Perfection polish. The super-shine reduced their response time by 7.29 seconds...reputedly...

Fly a real warbird...just like many WWII Spitfire Aces...

Go does exactly what it says on the tin...

Electroplating...Polishing...Powdercoating...Specialty Paint Finishes...for all those awkward bits that need to be protected...or look nice...or both!

Just click the logo!

Sometimes we all need a little light relief...and Philip can certainly provide it! He now has two books for sale, the first being a light-hearted tongue in cheek glance at the aviation industry...which we also happen to have copies of for sale!

An excellent supplier of just about everything you will need to fly your aeroplane. What more do we need to say?
Europe's largest Aviation Market
The Home of GA Buyer Europe Magazine

24/7 Aircraft Charter
Original art & fine quality prints; need a special present? Here it is!
Diamond Aircraft UK are the sales, marketing, distribution and support subsidiary of Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH Austria, selling and supporting the whole range of fantastic Diamond designs from the Katana to the DA42 Twinstar. And of course we make covers for all of them...
Anglia Sailplanes
Manufacture of New Sutton Harnesses.

Avcorp Registrations Limited

Specialists in N-Registration of Aircraft and FAA Licensing.

We'll not try to explain this one - it's our little bit of madness... just go there!

Our Broadband Provider, an Excellent Service!
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