Cambrai Cover Prices - Magni / VPM M16 Autogyro

Open Air
1. Tandem Cockpit Cover
2. Engine, Rotor Mast and Head cover (one piece)
3. Fin, Rudder & Tailplanes Cover
4. Rotor Blade Covers per Set (2)
5. Rotor Blade Tiedown Cap Set (2) with straps
6. Propeller Socks (Set of 3)
7. Propeller Cover complete - 3-blade
8. Pitot Cover

1. Encloses the nose and open cockpits to the rotor mast.
2. Encloses the entire Mast, Rotor Head and Engine, fitting around the cockpit cover.
3. Covers all the upper surfaces of the empennage.
4. Encloses the upper and lower surfaces of the main blades and incorporating tie-down points.
5. Encloses tips of the main blades to provide secure tie down points.
6. Encloses the main section of the propeller blades but not the hub.
7. Encloses the complete propeller blades and includes the hub.

All prices are in UK £ Sterling excluding carriage and VAT where applicable

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