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Oyvind Oglaend


In his role as Aeronautical Engineer, Øyvind has more than 25 years in aviation maintenance and engineering business, supporting operations of both heavy and light airplanes and helicopters involved in Commerical and General Aviation.

He has Norwegian national authority and EASA approval as Quality Manager and Airworthiness Manager and has worked with aviation authorities and operators in countries on every continent.

Øyvind holds a PPL for fixed wing with aerobatic training experience.


Products currently offered:

Cambrai Covers - Customized covers for aircraft

More products to follow!

Contact Address:

GA Support,
Asalveien 15
N-4314 sandnes
Org. No.: 996754820
Owner: Øyvind Øglænd

We are delighted to welcome Øyvind to our European team and we look forward to receiving your enquiries!


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