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Cambrai Cover Prices - Helicopter C

Open Air
1. Cockpit and Cabin Cover
2. Complete Hull and Engine cover
3. Rotor Mast and Head Cover
4. Tail Rotor & Gearbox Cover (2-bpade)
5. Tail Boom & Fin Cover
6. Main Rotor Blade Covers per Set with tie-downs
7. Rotor Blade Tiedown Cap Set
8. Pitot Cover

1. Encloses the Bubble Canopy to the rotor mast.
2. Encloses the entire Hull and Engine, fitting around the rotor mast and closing around the back panel.
3. Attaches to the complete Hull and Engine cover to enclose the rotor mast and head.
4. Encloses the complete Tail Rotor and Gearbox.
5. Encloses the complete Tail Boom and Beacon, Fin and Horizontal Stabiliser.
6. Encloses the entire main blades with allowance for trim tabs, fitting inside the rotor head cover to provide complete protection.
7. Pair of rotor blade caps and tie down straps to restrain the main rotor blades when parked.

All prices are in UK £ Sterling excluding carriage and VAT where applicable

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